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Guest Blogger ~ Wine & Glue

July 20, 2012

Lisa is a new blogger and wannabe crafter, seamstress, party planner, baker, and master chef.  When she’s not doing those things, it’s because she’s chasing around two wild, lovable, and crazy monkeys as a stay at home mom.  Check out her blog ~ Wine & Glue and follow her on Facebook.

Shhhhhh . . . . Do you hear that??

Neither do I!

My house is quiet!

It’s Sunday afternoon, and Gavin and Nathan are having some much needed Gavin-daddy time.  Quinn is napping.  My kitchen is clean.  My laundry is folded can wait.

What should I do with this small piece of heaven known as a quiet home??

Enter my Adult Iced Coffee.

Have you met my friend?  UV Whipped?*

The smart people at UV have worked their way into my cocktail lovin’ brain and found yet another flavor of vodka to make me drool over.

And added to iced coffee?  Oh. Sweet. Goodness.

Why am I still blogging?

* I’m not getting any money from UV.  They don’t even know I exist.  Yet.

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  1. This looks delicious! I can't wait to try it!

  2. I hope you enjoy it! Mmmmm, so tasty!

  3. new follower! Found you from the Tasty Kitchen. Can't wait to try some of these recipes! Hope you'll come follow me too :)~betty

  4. sure looks good

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